Sep 09, 2016

As a photographer, there are always those images that take your breath away.  Sometimes they’re planned, and other times, they’re completely out of the blue.  A moment captured in time in a way that you didn’t foresee.  A movement or an emotion that you knew was happening when you pressed the shutter release, but that you might not have known just how raw or pure or beautiful it was.  These are the best surprises, the little gems that you might even pass over the first time you flip through the images, but which catch your eye and make you go back to that image again and again.  These are the hidden beauties that make photography such an addictive form of expression, knowing that among every single set of images you make, there will be these lovely little surprises sprinkled all throughout.

There are times when I’ve been so busy that I don’t get to start editing images from a session for several days or even a couple of weeks, so what happens is this: I upload all of my images immediately following my session.  I sit down and mark at least 20 of my favorites.  I might even go ahead and give in to the urge to edit a couple of them.  And then I continue on with the client on whose images I was already working, leaving the new gallery alone until I get to it in my workflow.  And upon my return to this new gallery, bam, I find the hidden gems.  You see, upon this return, I’m no longer working with the emotions and expectations I had at the end of the session; at this point, I’m working with fresh eyes and new emotions, and this is when I’ll see the shot that I might have passed over initially.  Maybe I passed it over because it wasn’t perfectly sharp, or maybe I was looking in color at an image that belonged in black-and-white, or maybe I just wasn’t seeing.  Until I was.

Bozeman Senior Photography by Pam Omohundro 7189EC

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