I'm Bozeman-based photographer Pam Omohundro, mom of two incredible girls and wife to one handsome dude. I'm a coffee drinking introvert who likes skiing, fly-fishing, and chasing that ever elusive "Balance" with a captital "B". I'm a pretty down-to-earth person who's always had a little bit of a bohemain inside of her, who loves music, and who gets super-excited over cool vintage finds. The quote, "I'm fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world,".....well, that's one of my favorites, because I would love to go out and tackle the world's problems wearing a cape and tiara. Perhaps that's why I LOVE watching little ones go about their days in that exact outfit -- they're little dreamers who will grow to do great things.

It just so happens that I also like, no wait - rephrase that -- LOVE -- to take pictures. Yes, I love creating beautiful images. It's a bit of an obsession, and my family has adjusted to my abrupt halts on dirt roads, my admittedly silly delight as the sun filters over the mountains, while I beg them to admire the light and the view with me. You'll frequently see me around town in my red dirtbag jacket replete with duct tape (the picture over there shows it before it reached dirtbag status).

I photograph children, babies, family lifestyle sessions, and high school senior girls, in and around Bozeman and the Big Sky area of Montana, as well as traveling to other parts of the country to photograph clients.

I'm one of Montana's photographers for The Gold Hope Project, a wonderful organization which seeks to raise the awareness in the fight against childhood cancers, a cause about which I am fiercely passionate. I'm also a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America.

So this is me, on paper....or a web page. I am a mother, a wife, a dreamer, a photographer, and so much more. I believe in kindness and treating others as you wish to be treated -- with respect, love, and dignity. My daughters are my muses and they appear often in my work. Through their eyes, I see and learn so much more.

Join me and show me what I can learn from you.